Real Estate Investors Turn To Online Groups

Discussion with a real estate agent at the office

“I couldn’t sell it.

I was running out of options,” describes Tommy Collins, a real estate investor that was struggling to sell the properties he’d thought was going to turn big profits.

That’s when a friend suggested looking online.

That’s when everything turned around.

He began using the web to build online connections with other professionals in an effort to build a network.

It all started looking for buyers.

Which according to Tommy, “worked like a charm.”

“I began looking to see what other real estate investors in my area were looking for then it was just a matter of going out and finding the deal.”

He credits getting into multiple Facebook groups and real estate investment groups he found online to connect with other like minded investors, realtors, and money partners.

Here’s how to get the most from your real estate investment club

  1. Join with the idea of providing value

    This allows you to position yourself as the authority while giving content, expertise and building your network all at the same time.

  2. Build a list of buyers

    If you aim to build a list of buyers in the first place, you’re likelihood for success goes up tremendously.

    Often people focus on getting the deal but the fact remains you need someone to close it out and get paid.

  3. Communicate Often

    Always be in touch.

    Even if that means just posting regular to your social accounts, remember the more people see you – the more they’ll be inclined to know, like and trust you.

  4. State what you want.

    Keep people informed on exactly what you’re looking for – funding, deals, etc.

Join the group and provide insight before you need to put a deal together.

That means sharing resources, providing tips, while also learning about your local market.

“It’s astonishing at how many people don’t tap into their local clubs and REIA groups because these are tremendous resources” states Ray Southern, a frequent REIA club visitor in Phoenix.

Local clubs can provide you with…

  • Investor properties
  • Local information about the market
  • Techniques
  • Money backers
  • Buyers
  • Real Estate agents
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Realtors

Just to name a few.

The great thing about technology is it’s made it so you can make all these connections, put deals together without ever leaving your home.