Wingspan Library

The Wingspan Library is a great resource for the LGBT community in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Visitors can select from over 4,500 titles and a large selection of magazines. Generous donations of books have helped us build Arizona’s single largest collection of LGBT-related fiction and non-fiction, including special reference sections for youth, seniors, transgender persons, and parents, as well as resources on health-related issues.

Remember that Wingspan has a lending library – you are welcome to browse the shelves, read at the Center, or to borrow the books, videos and tapes.

You can also donate books to the library, especially those pertinent to LGBT interests. We also accept contributions of books that are not relevant to our library and sell them to buy priority new books or replace deteriorating copies. Or better yet, you can exchange your non-LGBT books at a local used bookstore and donate the credit to the Wingspan library.

For More Information call 520-624-1779.