Multi-Faith Working Group

The Wingspan Multi-Faith Working Group exists as a result of a directive of the Wingspan Board of Directors in 2009.  It works to strengthen the link between the Wingspan community and southern Arizona faith communities.  Through this effort the Working Group seeks to expand spiritual opportunities for LGBTQ people and to strengthen their spiritual well-being.  The Rainbow Interfaith Community, a group of predominantly Tucson welcoming spiritual communities, is a part of the Multi-Faith Working Group.

Since 2009 we have been building an historic connection between the LGBTQ community and the faith community.  This connection is possible because of Tucson’s unique combination of:

  • a large, active and visible LGBTQ population.
  • a vital LGBTQ community center.
  • a diverse faith community with LGBTQ members, clergy and straight allies.

The Tucson area religious leaders and Wingspan community members have worked together by:

  • speaking out and participating in campaigns against Prop 107 in 2006 and Prop 102 in 2008, which attempted to and finally succeeded in outlawing gay marriage.
  • conducting the 2005 and 2012 Habitat for Humanity Rainbow Builds.
  • organizing and conducting an annual Pride worship service since 2009.

Tucson area faith communities have further supported the LGBTQ community by:

  • publicizing their welcome for all LGBTQ people through their listing with the Rainbow Interfaith Community.
  • supporting Wingspan and other LGBTQ organizations and hosting LGBTQ support groups and PFLAG meetings.
  • attending Wingspan breakfast programs and presentations.
  • having booths at the annual October Out in the Desert Pride festival and marching in Tucson Pride parades.
  • providing important rituals and services including baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, holy unions, funerals, grief counseling, and naming ceremonies for people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Group Chair:  Scott Morris,, (520) 850-0209 (mobile)