Community Training

Wingspan offers many training/presentations to groups and businesses.  As part of our outreach, we want to educate agencies, businesses, schools and interested groups on LGBT issues and equality. 

Some of our presentations include:

  • LGBT 101 – a primer course for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender definitions, vocabularies and what all the letters mean (queer, questioning, intersex, self-identified, two spirit, allied and others)
  • Transgender 101- a presentation to explain distinctions between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation and related terms such as cross dressing, boi, intersexed, and more.
  • Anti-Violence Issues - a presentation to explain just what is violence and what are all the forms it takes.  Explains resources for persons who have experienced abuse, discrimination, hate, or violence.
  • Equality in the Work Place – a workshop to help employees and administrators understand work place rights based on gender and sexuality.

To schedule a presentation or find out more information, please contact the program directors in the following areas:

 or call 520-624-1779