Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families is a community group, whose work is deeply admired and supported by Wingspan.

Our Mission

Created by and for LGBTQ families, their Straight Allies, prospective parents, and all other supporters, regardless of family size, ethnicity, or culture, Rainbow Families strives to promote and cultivate a healthy and strong community through maintaining an active online community and holding at least one “Family Fun” event per month. Rainbow Families participates in panels, trainings, and discussions for classes, agencies, and various groups to increase the knowledge, understanding, and visibility of LGBTQ families.


Monthly events do not adhere to a set schedule as families’ times of availability change. Almost all Rainbow Family event ideas come from within our community and in our families. Monthly events exist to promote growth and solidarity within our Community and Families. These events are a time where participants can share discussion and fun! Some of our events to date include: Bedrock Family Bowling, Family Portrait Days, Splash Pad and Picnic Sunday at Brandi Fenton Park, Apple Annie’s, and picnics at locations such as Mt. Lemmon, Christopher Columbus Park, and Funtastics! Rainbow Families tries to keep events at no or low cost as often as possible to promote inclusiveness of all economic backgrounds.

Informational and advocacy events often are also a building block within the Rainbow Families group. Rainbow Families has  started an informational series of Foster Care/Adoption Community Conversations. These conversations will be used to inform and engage in discussion with the community regarding foster care/adoption, the recruitment of foster/adoptive parents within the LGBTQ community, and the introduction of a bill into legislation to legalize Second Parent Adoption within in the state of AZ. Rainbow Families also participates in activities held at/by Wingspan, as well as in other community events.


Visit the Rainbow Families group online at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rainbowfams/ to receive information from existing community members. We may not always have the answer, but this community will help you locate, to the best of our ability, the necessary information. Other resources like Gay Parent magazine, informational literature and videos are available by visiting Wingspan during hours of operation.

To join Rainbow Families and Get Involved

You may visit the online group page at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rainbowfams/ and select “Join This Group”, you can contact Rainbow Families via email at rainbowfamilies@wingspan.org or you can join the Facebook group “Rainbow Families: Tucson’s LGBTQ and Allied Families’ Group.”