What You Can Do

What can I do if I am in an unsafe situation?

Find an advocate! Find someone you can trust.
If you are in a life-threatening situation, call 911.

You don’t have to do this alone. There are people in this community who care and want to help you.

Trust your instinct. No act of violence is too small to seek help for.

What can I do if I know someone who is in an unsafe situation?

Encourage the person to find someone to talk to. If you are able to listen, tell them you are a safe person they can trust. Tell them they have options for safety. Remember, you will need support, too.

What can I do to make my community safer?

If you want to make your community a more peaceful place to live, Speak Out! Speak out for the child who is teased. If someone makes derogatory comments to another, speak out - tell them you are uncomfortable with that type of language.

Speak out! Speak out against homophobic slurs when you hear them. Speak out when you see someone being discriminated against. Speak out if you notice injustices. Speak out when you hear racist remarks.

Be an ally for those who cannot. Be a visible part of the community.

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer and become a peace activist.