Wingspan Annual Awards

Each year, Wingspan presents awards to leaders in the LGBT and allied community. These awards are:

The Godat Award

The Godat Award was inaugurated in 1998 to recognize extraordinary long-term contributions by an individual to Southern Arizona’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Ken Godat, after whom this award was named, was the first recipient. Since its inception, the Godat Award has celebrated the personal commitment and public advocacy of the following community leaders:

1998 Ken Godat
1999 Jean M Baker, PhD
2000 Colette Barajas
2001 Ana “Bertie” Lozano
2002 Bob Ellis
2003 Alexander John Goodrum
2004 Alan Storm
2005 Mae Krueger
2006 Craig Snow
2007 Reflection on 10 Years of Wingspan Awards
2008 Noel Matkin, PhD
2009 Maurice Grossman
2010 Kayla Boyer, DVM
2011 Jennifer Hoefle
2012 Joyce Bolinger
2013 Beverly Seckinger

The Community Ally Award

In 2001, an award was created to honor a straight ally who has made significant contributions to advance the freedom, equality, safety, and well being of LGBT people in Southern Arizona. Award winners have been:

2001 Ernesto Portillo Jr.
2002 George Miller
2003 Reverend David Wilkinson
2004 Dr. Kevin J. Carmichael
2005 Detective Tim Rupel
2006 Donna Rochester
2007 Reflection on 10 Years of Wingspan Awards
2008 Mary Ellen Beaurain
2009 Raul Grijalva
2010 David “Fitz” Fitzsimmons
2011 Mari Herreras
2012 Sharon Schubitzke
2013 Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild

The Steve Hall Award

The Hall Award is given to an individual who makes outstanding volunteer contributions to further Wingspan’s mission of promoting the freedom, equality, safety and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The award is named after Steve Hall, a former Wingspan Board member and volunteer who died in 2001. Past Award winners are:

2001 Steve Hall
2002 Jim Sincox, PsyD
2003 Lavina Tomer
2004 David Eyde
2005 Kathy Altman, PA-C, MPH
2006 Kevin Maxey, MD
2007 Reflection on 10 Years of Wingspan Awards
2008 Shirley Snow and AngieRose Tilghman
2009 Elliott
2010 Helen H Anderson, PhD
2011 Ana Jimenez and Alex Lopez
2012 Noel de la Tierra
2013 Randy Spalding