Where Do You Fit In?

There are a myriad of ways you can be an integral part of our community’s future. Want to change lives and revamp attitudes? Give of your time and/or give financially. You can make a real difference no matter how you choose to help…just do it today! As a member of our community, YOU are the heart of our community center and your help is vital to continuing Wingspan’s critical work.

Interested in learning more about the work we do at Wingspan? Click on any of the puzzle pieces below to learn more about some of the current and upcoming programs and services that are making a real difference in southern Arizona.

Click on any of the puzzle pieces below to get a quick peek at some of the current and upcoming projects and services we offer at Wingspan!

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Homeless Youth Project Rainbow on the Road piece 10 Puertas Abiertas

The donate button at the end of each project’s information is a one-time donation to Wingspan’s general fund. This type of donation can be applied to so many different projects and can help such a wide variety of people.

Please read about this type of donation as well as other types and get involved in every way you can!

Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families was created by and for LGBT families, prospective parents, and allies striving to promote and cultivate a healthy and strong community for families through social and educational events.


Senior Pride

Wingspan hosts a volunteer-driven program which engages active seniors and their friends to provide valuable support networks for older LGBT people. This active group prints a monthly newsletter, arranges educational tours, and hold dances and other fun events throughout the year.


RainbowCONNECT is a new “warm” line launched this month for LGBTQ youth effected by bullying and harassment. Youth in Tucson or rural communities throughout southern Arizona can call 1-855-805-1991, Monday through Saturday from 3pm-8pm, and speak to an operator trained on how to support youth affected by school bullying, street harassment, or other types of violence. Resources and referrals will be offered to youth that utilize RainbowCONNECT creating a network of support in areas that might otherwise have limited access to services. Your gift to Wingspan will be used to further our efforts to create safe places, people, and networks for youth and others throughout southern Arizona.

Trans Awareness Week

Your support through Wingspan general funds helps the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance provide support for struggling transgender people, community education for employers and service providers, and major events like our annual Transgender Awareness Week. This community awareness event held in conjunction with the University of Arizona, provides an opportunity to educate the general community on gender-diverse people and celebrate progress made, while also highlighting the truth about the continuing daunting challenges and deep discrimination faced by transgender people.

Anti-Violence Hotline and Outreach

In addition to providing a 24-hour crisis hotline for victims and survivors of violence, the Anti-Violence Programs now offer support and resources to walk-in clients in our AVP Outreach Office. On weekdays from 11am—5pm, staff are here to provide safe and confidential advocacy to victims and survivors of sexual or domestic violence, harassment and discrimination. We provide this service free of charge. Your generous donation assures that victims of violence can receive assistance with emergency shelter, food, hygiene supplies and assistance with transportation.

Homeless Youth Project

Eon’s Homeless Youth Project (HYP) has been providing basic needs assistance (food, clothing, health and hygiene items), support, advocacy, and linkages to trusted providers for shelter, housing and on-going case management for an average of 60 youth per month over the past year. Your support means that we have the flexibility to buy the over 100 clothing items, 200 bus passes, and 300 food items distributed monthly to these young  people in need, offering them the compassion and care they deserve to live healthy, happy lives.

Rainbow on the Road

Rainbow on the Road is an outreach project to rural and smaller communities in southern Arizona. Wingspan outreach specialists and advocates will be facilitating monthly support and networking groups to LGBT people living in those communities. These meetings will help increase visibility of LGBT people in communities, decreasing isolation and strengthening the entire southern Arizona LGBT community. Your generous financial gift will ensure that staff has the necessary tools to facilitate this life changing and life-saving work.

Puertas Abiertas

Puertas Abiertas is a social networking group for LGBT Latin@s. LGBT Latin@s face multifaceted levels of oppression that may hinder the full celebration of our intersecting identities. The group addresses issues of anti-immigrant culture, economic and health disparities, and language barriers. By designing activities and events that address our cultural strengths, we are building a new future for LGBT Latin@s. Every September, Puertas Abiertas coordinates Tucson Latin Gay Pride, a week-long series of events that celebrate our dual Latin@ and LGBT identities and cultures. Your generous gift provides resources, such as space for Tucson’s only Spanish language PFLAG group, which creates opportunities to gather and secure strength through solidarity.

There are so many ways you can give….

Become a Monthly Partner

When you become a monthly partner you help provide a strong base upon which we can continue to build our programs. Grant funding can sometimes be volatile…individuals like you, who care about our community, are the solution to sustained change. Your regular secure monthly donation using your credit or debit card will process automatically on the same day every month.

Make a One Time Donation

Prefer to make donations on a one-time basis? No problem, we need those too and we make it easy for you to give. You can give your donation electronically with a credit card via our website, print out the donation form and mail it in with a check, or, call Moureen at 520.624.1779 ext. 118 and she will mail you a donation envelope. Anything you choose to give will help!

Donate to the Bloom Fund

Be a “seed donor” and give at least $25 a month to help build our “garden”! The Bloom Fund benefits underrepresented communities within the LGBT population and includes projects like Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA), Puertas Abiertas, Senior Pride, Rainbow Families, and Rainbow Connect.

Donate Stock

Stock is the perfect way to invest in the future of Wingspan! Here’s a real example to show how donating stock to Wingspan can be a real win/win proposition:

Darrell bought shares of stock a few years ago for about $8.75 a share. Today, they are worth over $20 per share. By giving 30 shares to Wingspan, he makes a gift worth over $600 gets a tax deduction for the full amount of the gift. He also saves about $90 in capital gains tax. All this for an original investment of about $260. For details on how to donate stock to Wingspan, call Moureen at 520.624.1779 ext. 118 or send her an email at mdrury@wingspan.org.